Yogurt Ad - Text Animation.

NOTE: I only made the text animations. I did not model the container. Animated text using Photoshop and After Effects; model made in Cinema. 

WIP - Book Cover Art "The Hunger Games".

I've always wanted to redesign a book cover, so I chose to do just that as my next free time project. After being immersed in page after page of beautiful, simplistic artwork on Dribbble, I decided that that was the style I'd approach the book cover with. 

So far, I have the iconic Mockingjay pin made. Stay posted for the rest! 

WIP - Instructional Video "Showing Trust".

Below are a few screenshots from an instructional video I've been working on. The simple style is fun to work with and quick to make! All assets created in Illustrator and animated in After Effects. Stay posted for the final result! 

Mock Up Cooking Spot - Title.

Hand drawn text converted to vectors.

^ Final Composite.

Hand drawn text.

High contrast and clean up in Photoshop.

Vectorized and embelished in Illustrator.

Gary - Sculpt.

Working on the sculpt of Gary in Zbrush today. 

*The base model was created by a coworker.

Cel UPPERCUT Social Media Animation.

I'd say this animation is about 80% hand drawn cel animation, and 20% stylized vector animation. By drawing out the black glove from start to finish, the shine on the bell, the explosion, and the logo boarders, I was able to make a majority of the assets in Photoshop.

Then, going into After Effects, I duplicated, flipped, and tri-toned the gold glove. I was then able to take both the text from the logo and the bell (made out of shape layers) and add displacement layers to them to make the faux cel look. 

WIP - Cel Animated Boxing Glove.

I've started working on a five second cel animation promoting our brand here at UPPERCUT. By making a rough reference video with simple stock images, I was able to use the timing and animation of a boxing glove rendered from After Effects as my base. Once I brought that into Photoshop, I've been drawing on top of the reference, adding embellishments wherever necessary. 

It's looking good so far, but I'm nowhere close to the finish line. 

Animation Test - Snail.

A simple animation test with a stylized snail. I digitally painted the body and shell in Photoshop, then brought them into After Effects and animated the two parts through the use of keyframes and the Puppet Tool. The ground animation was created with an Offset effect.